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163 shades of gold

163 collectible items

All that glistens is not gold, but all that is gold glistens!

A carefully chosen selection, on the basis of purely metallic and aesthetic criteria, for an undeniably dazzling and resplendent collection.

From Antiquity to the present day, these 163 medals and coins from all eras and corners of the globe will leave any collection glistening.

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Painting: “Golden decoration” by the AI program Midjourney (2023) (All rights reserved)

France Medal

Coq, Fin du Cours Légal du Franc, 2017, MS(65-70), Gold

France Medal

L'Europe des XXVII, 60 ans du Nouveau Franc, 2020, ESSAI, MS(64)

France 250 Euro

Paix, 2013, Monnaie de Paris, FDC, MS(65-70), Gold

France Token

450 Euro Berck-sur-mer, 1998, Euro des villes, MS(65-70), Gold

Coin South Africa

Krugerrand, 1982, Pretoria, MS(65-70), Gold, KM:73

Coin Finland

Nicholas II, 20 Markkaa, 1912, Helsinki, MS(63), Gold, KM:9.2

Coin Mexico

50 Pesos, 1925, Mexico City, MS(60-62), Gold, KM:481

France Napoleon III

5 Francs, 1854, Paris, tranche lisse, Gold, AU(55-58)

Coin France

Semeuse, Franc, 2001, Paris, BU, MS(65-70), Gold, KM:925.1a

France Medal

Gallia, 1929, Morlon, Champion du Monde de billard, MS(60-62)

France Pierre de Coubertin

500 Francs, 1991, Monnaie de Paris, BE, MS(65-70)

France Denier à épouser

Collection Térisse, AU(55-58), Gold, Terisse:D5

Selection published on 01/12/2023