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Retrospective in perspective

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Retrospective in perspective

As the year draws to a close,
it’s time to unwind and rewind!

The items that you searched for the most, the articles you read the most, and the inspiration themes you browsed most often. Plus, of course, 2023 editions to discover or rediscover.

In 2023,
you searched for...

French coins

Vive la Révolution

Euro coins

Ancient Roman coins

French banknotes


In 2023,
you were inspired by…

163 shades of gold

A glistening collection

Bronze medals

Into the ancient lion’s den

In 2023,
you read...

Our April Fool


The Queen’s five jubilees

The Flameng 5,000 franc banknote

2023 editions
to discover or rediscover…

2023 editions


Each collectible item is one of a kind and could be snapped up any minute...
Don’t hesitate too long!

Selection published on 20/12/2023