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Chapter III


Collecting can prove a lucrative choice in the long term

In addition to providing you with satisfaction as a collector, some collection themes and coins may also prove a lucrative choice – in the strictest sense of the word – for the future.  You can find some useful advice on this subject here.

Investor Guide
Investing is planning ahead

Investing is planning ahead

The contemporary period opens on a paradox: as our daily life becomes ever more immaterial and as time appears to fly by ever faster, ancient items are fascinating the public more than ever before.

Record numbers of visitors in museums, local heritage days a success – History is all the rage. Numismatics is no stranger to this phenomenon either, and no one is surprised anymore to see purchase prices soar at auctions.


This is not surprising, as numismatics offers a unique opportunity to all coin enthusiasts: to own at home, and in complete discretion, a treasure from the past. Like other "passion" investments, numismatics is an attractive alternative for investors seeking to diversify their assets: performance independent of the classic financial markets, a very good level of liquidity, advantageous taxation and the possibility of combining pleasure and profitability.

Whether royal, medieval or antique, these coins are all of exceptional heritage and cultural interest. And if you take the time to place one of them in the palm of your hand, you will feel a special emotion as you imagine the immense distance it has travelled to reach you.

Maxime Loriel


Investing is planning ahead

Invest for the right reasons

The how and the why

Culture and History

Culture and History

Coins are privileged witnesses to bygone days.

There are so many stories about the world, our societies, our civilizations, and the people who built them.

Passing on

Passing on

Each collector has a special attachment to memories.

It is everyone’s duty to preserve these historical treasures that have survived the centuries and pass them on to future generations.



More than just a coin, you have in your possession a precious object.

Even if a substantial quantity were minted, certain coins are still no less rare due to their state of preservation. 

Demand is growing

Demand is growing

Even if numismatics is all about passion, it still adheres to the rules of a market.

The offering is, by its very nature, limited and unchanging. Demand is growing. These conditions are favorable for the creation of added value.

Tax legislation in your interest

Tax legislation in your interest

By their very nature: ancient objects, objets d’art, collectible objects, precious objects.

Coins are not subject to the solidarity tax on wealth (ISF) or the tax on real estate wealth (IFI). For items valued at under €5,000, the resale is not subject to tax. No estate fees (within the authorized legal limit).

Rapid cash availability

Rapid cash availability

You can resell your investment at any time.

If you need to, you can resell part or all of your collection. In addition, we guarantee you the immediate buying back of sets purchased from NumisCorner (details and conditions below).

Buyback guarantee

Buyback guarantee

We will take back the sets if you need to cash in your assets

Have you purchased a “Heritage” set from us? NumisCorner offers you an immediate buyback guarantee across its entire network.

To do so, all you need to do is visit one of our stores or contact your NumisCorner account manager. Immediate buyback and payment within 48 hours.
Offer valid as of the 13th month following the purchase of the set. The buyback offer will be calculated based on the evolution of the rates for the coins contained in the set. 

A personalized experience

A personalized experience

Investing is no mean feat and it’s important to put good advice to good use. That’s why our experts are there to listen to you, take your requirements and wishes into consideration, and advise you when it comes to your investments.

Ask for advice
Our experts are here to help

Anticipate and plan

Collect and stay informed with the Numismatists Club

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We hope that you will find this guide useful.

You are now ready to start investing and collecting!
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