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Terms & Conditions




These general conditions are intended to define the terms and conditions of use of services and products offered on the websites, or (hereinafter: the "Website") of the SARL COMPTOIR DES MONNAIES ANCIENNES (hereinafter: "CDMA") and to define the rights and obligations of the parties in this context.

They apply to all sales of coins, medals, tokens, banknotes, books, catalogs, supplies or other items made through these Websites.

They may be supplemented, if necessary, by special conditions of use for certain services. In case of contradiction, the special conditions shall prevail over these terms and conditions.



These distance selling services are operated by the company COMPTOIR DES MONNAIES ANCIENNES, SARL, with a capital of 7 622.45€, registered in the RCS REIMS under the number 413 893 686, having its registered office at 11 rue Condorcet, 51100 REIMS (hereinafter: "CDMA").

These services are provided primarily through the establishment of COMPTOIR DES MONNAIES  located 8, Rue Esquermoise in Lille (France 59000) and jointly with the other institutions COMPTOIR DES MONNAIES (located mainly in the following cities: Reims, Arras, Bethune, Douai, Lille Valenciennes, Boulogne-sur-Mer).

CDMA can be contacted at the following:

CDMA 118 Bis Rue Royale, 59000 LILLE France or via the contact form available on this Website, or directly on



The Services, the visit of the Website and purchases are available and subject to restrictions on the Website:

- any person of legal age that has full legal capacity to engage under these terms. An individual who does not have full legal capacity can access the Website and Services only with the consent of his legal representative;

- to any legal person acting through an individual with legal capacity to contract in the name and on behalf of the legal person.



The acceptance of these terms is indicated by a check box on the registration form. This acceptance can only be full. Each accession subject is considered null and void. Users who do not agree to be bound by these terms and conditions shall not use the Services.



5.1 The use of the Services may require the User to register to the Website, using the form provided for that purpose. The User must provide all information marked as mandatory. Any incomplete registration will not be validated.

Registration automatically leads to the opening of an account in the name of the User (hereinafter: the "Account"), giving it access to a personal area (hereinafter: the "Personal Space") where the User can manage his use of the Services in a form and according to the technical means that CDMA deems most appropriate for rendering those services.

The User guarantees that all information given in the registration form is accurate, timely and sincere and are not vitiated by any misleading.

The User undertakes to update this information in his personal account if any changes occur, so that they always meet the above criteria.

The User is informed and accepts that the information entered during the creation or update of his Account are worth proof of His identity. The information entered by the User are committed to Him after validation.


5.2 The User can access at any time to his personal account after identifying himself using his login ID and his password.

The User agrees to use the Services personally and not to allow any third party to use in its place or on its behalf, except by accepting to bear full responsibility.

The User is likewise responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of his username and password. He must immediately contact the CDMA by using the details mentioned in Article 2 if he notices that his account was used without his knowledge. He recognizes CDMA as entitled to take appropriate measures in such cases.




The user has access to the services described on the site, in a form and features and technical means that CDMA deems most appropriate.



7.1: Availability of products

All items featured on the site are in stock, unless otherwise specified. These items are available in limited numbers, mostly in a single copy.

Despite a computerized management and rigorous stock, if the number of orders proved greater than the number of items in stock we can not guarantee you delivery and would proceed to a full refund as soon as possible.


7.2: Price

Prices are quoted in Euro and net (including VAT), excluding shipping costs, unless otherwise stated.

They can be expressed in another currency based on the choice made by the User. In this case the currency is clearly indicated (DOLLARS for example).

Unless otherwise stated, they are expressed in euros with all French taxes included.

CDMA reserves the right, in its unfettered discretion and upon such terms as it will be the sole judge of promotional offers or price reductions.


7.3: Price revision

Prices may be subject to review by CDMA at any time, at its free discretion, without notice.

In the case of an order made before a price increase, the price to be charged will be the one in effect at the time the order was registered.


7.4 Billing

Transactions between the User and CDMA are the subject of bills that are communicated to the User by any useful means.


7.5: Method of payment

All orders are payable in full upon order by PayPal, check, bank transfer in euros or other means described on the site. The User guarantees that CDMA has the necessary permissions to use the payment method chosen.

The terms of payment for services are described on the Website.

For deliveries outside mainland France, any customs fees or local taxes, and the various declarations, are the sole responsibility of the recipient.

By Paypal (France, EU, French Overseas Territory & Rest of World)

Reliable and secure this payment method ensures quick processing of your order.

We draw your attention to the fact that we never ask you for your bank details by email, if you receive an email, it is probably an attempted piracy called phishing, do not reply and let us know at once.

Upon payment, you can ensure the reliability of the site by the presence of secure payment protocol symbolized by an HTTPS address and a padlock at the bottom of page.

By check (France only)

Bank or postal checks to the order of Comptoir des Monnaies Anciennes

To be sent to us in an envelope with a copy of your order form at:

Comptoir des Monnaies Anciennes
118 Bis, Rue Royale
59000 Lille FRANCE

By Bank Transfer (France, EU, French Overseas Territory & Rest of World)

The costs shall be borne by the customer, you will get our bank details after confirmation of your order.

The shipment of goods will be made only after confirmation by our bank of the received amount (48 to 72 hours).

We do not proceed to the shipment of the goods if the full amount is not received, please check with your bank that the charges are totally your responsibility.

If you're having trouble submitting your order by bank transfer, contact us by email.



Our shipping charges are based on a fixed contribution including postage fees that are charged by the postal service you choose (La Poste, Chronopost, Fedex, etc ...), the packaging costs necessary for the proper protection of your purchase (bubble envelope, protections ...) and insurance costs.

Shipping costs may vary without notice, especially in limited business operations. 

A 4,95 € participation is required for any order. 

Shipping costs vary from website to website depending on the nationality of the website.

All shipments are insured 100%.

It is possible to opt for withdrawal in stores. This service is free.




Delivery is made to the home of the User, to the address in your order, the delivery time includes the time required to validate your payment, preparation time of your order and the delivery time by the carrier that may vary depending on your location.

The average time is about 3 days. Expect more depending on the payment method and the destination.

Warning: The expedition of coins dated before 1500 and valued over 1500 € are subject to obtaining an export license from the customs service, which can cause a some delay in the preparation of the order.

We could not be held responsible for incorrect shipping address provided by the customer or a change of address during order processing.

According to the legal requirements related to the fight against money laundering, against concealment, fraud and transactions in precious metals, we may ask you before confirming your order a copy of the identity card or passport, proof of address (recent utility bill, gas or telephone) professional references from whom you've already ordered.

If necessary, CDMA reserves the right to check (identity, correctness of the details, or other information) the client by telephone by contacting him at the number he has indicated on his account. The shipment of goods and the confirmation of the order will only be made after receipt and validation of the requested information.

In the case of payment by check or bank transfer, your order will be processed upon receipt of payment, the shipment will be made after the amount is credited to our account, your check must imperatively reach us within 5 business days, after this period we reserve the right to sell back the goods on our website and cancel your order.

For deliveries outside the European Union and overseas territories, customs duties and possible taxes related to the delivery of an item are at you charge and your responsibility, as we do not know all the laws in force and other custom formalities in different countries and are not obliged to verify them.

We invite you to contact the relevant authorities in your country to check the formalities.

In the case if an order is judged unsafe by our Scoring system (prevention against fraud) or if there are shipping difficulties, we reserve the right to cancel an order without notice. In this case, a full refund of the amount of the order will be made.

In the case of a delay in the delivery of your order and before any contact we recommend:

Check in your account the accuracy of your shipping address.

If the delivery is made by La Poste we invite you to go to the office covering your area to verify that the package is not there waiting for you.

Otherwise you can contact our customer service (by email via the form on the website or at the address specified in Article 2 of these conditions).

In the case of loss or theft of the package, you must inform us by letter or email the following 3 working days from the date on which you became aware of the loss or theft, and by registered letter the carrier within 3 working days.

An investigation will be conducted by the carrier at the end, and if your responsibility is not involved, we promise to refund your entire order.

If you experience a problem with the packaging of your order (package opened, repacked ...), you must refuse the delivery, outlining the specific reason, but if you accept a damaged package only your responsibility will be involved.



In the event that upon receipt of your order you are not satisfied with it, we undertake to refund your purchase, provided that the items are returned in their original packaging, accompanied by the invoice and in the condition in which you received them. You must first inform our customer service department by e-mail accessible on the site, by post to the address specified in article 2, or by telephone ( within 14 days. You then have 14 days to return your purchase.

The return address is:

18 Bis, Rue Royale
59000 Lille / France

We will provide you the exact conditions of return and transport. Any package that will be returned without following our instructions can be refused and will engage your responsibility in case of damage or loss thereof.

You will be responsible for the direct costs of returning the goods. We will only pay for the cost of returning the goods in the event of non-conformity, defects, or an error concerning the article or one of its characteristics. We'll reimburse you only the amount of your order (including shipping costs to you).



The transfer of ownership to the buyer will be effective after the complete payment of the order, regardless of the announced delivery date.

The transfer of transport-related risks (damage and loss) will be made upon acceptance of delivery by the purchaser.




The User expressly acknowledges and agrees:

(I) the data collected on the site and the computer equipment of CDMA is proof of the reality of the transactions within the framework hereof;

(II) that this data is the only mode of proof recognized by the parties, including the calculation of amounts due to CDMA.

Users may access these data in its Personal Area. All personal information related to your registration will only be used for processing your order, we store this information in our database to which access is secure.

Under the Data Protection Act of January 6, 1978, you have a right to access and correct data.

You may have to receive proposals or be informed of our offers by email or by mail if you have made the choice.

You can unsubscribe in your account, or by contacting us by email ( or letter stating your name, address and email address.



CDMA allows the use of its contents in a strictly personal context, if the user is allowed to copy all or part manually or by content vacuums. All images, content, logos, colors are the exclusive property of Comptoir des Monnaies. Any reproduction, even partial, can be done only with a written permission from Comptoir des Monnaies.

CDMA allows the user to use a hyperlink to its website, only if that it is not harmful to our image.




Without prejudice to other obligations stipulated here, the User agrees to respect the following obligations:

14.1 The User agrees, in his use of the Services, to respect the laws and regulations and does not infringe the rights of others or to public order.

The User is particularly solely responsible for the proper fulfillment of all formalities including administrative, fiscal and / or social and all dues payments, fees or taxes of any kind its obligations, if any, in connection with its use of the Services. Responsibility for CDMA will in no event be liable as such.


14.2 The User acknowledges the websites characteristics and constraints, especially technical, of all Services. He is solely responsible for his use of the Services.


14.3 The User is informed and agrees that the implementation of the Services requires that he must be connected to the internet and the quality of services depends directly on the connection, of which he alone is responsible.


14.4 The User agrees to strictly personal use of the Services. It is therefore forbidden to assign, or transfer any of its rights or obligations hereunder to any third party in any manner whatsoever.


14.5 The User agrees to provide CDMA all the information necessary for the proper performance of the Services. More generally, the User agrees to cooperate actively with CDMA for the performance hereof.


14.6 The User acknowledges that the Services offered to him are an additional solution but not an alternative one to the means he already uses in addition to achieving the same objective and that this solution does not substitute such other means.


14.7 The User must take the necessary measures to safeguard his own information from his personal account as he considers necessary, knowing that no copies will be provided.


14.8 The User is informed and agrees that the implementation of the Services requires that he will be connected to the internet and the quality of services depends directly on the connection, which he alone is responsible.





The User guarantees CDMA against all claims, demands, actions and / or any claims that CDMA could suffer due to the breach by the User of any of its obligations or warranties under these conditions.

He will indemnify CDMA all the harm it would suffer and pay to all fees, charges and / or convictions that she might have to endure because of this.




16.1 It is strictly forbidden to use the Services to:

- Pursuit of illegal activity, fraudulent or violate the rights or safety of others,

- The breach of public order or violation of laws and regulations,

- Intrusion into the computer system of a third party or any activity likely to harm, control, interfere or intercept all or part of the computer system of a third party in violating the integrity or security,

- Sending unsolicited and / or prospecting or commercial solicitation emails,

- Operations to improve the ranking of a third site,

- Using or inciting any form and by any means whatsoever, to one or more of the above described acts and activities,

- And more generally any use of the Services for purposes other than those for which they were designed.


16.2 It is strictly forbidden for users to copy and / or divert their purposes or those of third concept, technology or any other element of CDMA site.


16.3 are also strictly prohibited: (i) any behavior likely to interrupt, suspend, slow or prevent the continuity of services, (ii) any intrusions or attempted intrusions in CDMA systems, (iii) any misuse of system resources site, (iv) any action likely to impose a disproportionate burden on the infrastructure of the latter, (v) any infringements of security and authentication measures, (vi) all acts that violate the rights and interests financial, commercial or moral CDMA or users of its site, and finally more generally (vii) any breach of these terms.


16.4 It is strictly forbidden to monetize, sell or transfer all or part of the Services or access to the Website, and the information housed and / or shared.




In case of breach of any provision of these terms or, more generally, violations of the laws and regulations by a User, CDMA reserves the right to take any appropriate action including:

(I) suspend or terminate access to User Services, person, or of the offense, or who participated,

(Ii) remove any content posted on the site,

(Iii) publish on the website any information message that CDMA deems fit,

(Iv) advise any concerned authority,

(V) any judicial action.




CDMA is committed to providing the Services with due diligence and according to the rules of the art, it being specified that weighs on it an obligation of means, to the exclusion of any obligation of result, that Users recognize and accept expressly.

If the user wishes to obtain more information about an item, they can contact by email CDMA ( specifying the reference or references. In case of error on a product between its actual characteristics, sheet presented on the internet and picture, CDMA cannot be held liable.

CDMA respects French laws for publishing articles, books and products presented. CDMA disclaims all responsibility in case the ordered products are contrary to the law of the country of destination, it is the responsibility of the user to learn about the laws of their country of residence.

CDMA may not be held liable for any consequential delays in delivery to a force majeure (strike, fire ...).

CDMA disclaims any liability for any loss of information accessible in the User's Personal Space, the User must save a copy and cannot claim any compensation in this respect.

CDMA is committed to conduct regular checks to verify the functioning and accessibility of the Website. As such, CDMA reserves the right to temporarily suspend access to the site for maintenance reasons. Similarly, CDMA cannot be held responsible for the access problems or impossibilities temporary site that would have originated from circumstances that are external, force majeure, or which would be due to disruptions in telecommunication networks.

CDMA does not guarantee Users (i) that the Services, subject to constant research to improve such performance and progress, will be completely free of errors, defects or faults, (ii) that the Services, being standard and not offered for the sole purpose of a given user based on his own personal constraints, specifically meet their needs and expectations.

In any case, the liability may be incurred by CDMA hereunder is expressly limited to proven direct damages suffered by the User.




Systems, software, structures, infrastructures, databases and content of any kind (text, images, video, music, logos, trademarks, database, etc ...) operated by CDMA on the Website are protected by all rights or intellectual property rights of producers of existing databases. All disassembly, decompilation, decryption, extractions, reuses, copies and more generally, any act of reproduction, distribution and use of any of these elements, in whole or in part without permission is strictly prohibited and CDMA may be subject to prosecution.




CDMA reserves the right to insert on any page of the Website and other communication to users all advertising or promotional messages in a form and under conditions which CDMA is the only judge.





CDMA will in no way be held responsible for the technical availability of websites or mobile applications operated by third parties (including any partners) to which the user would access through the site.

CDMA assumes no liability for any content, advertising, products and / or services available on such websites and mobile applications including third parties where Users are reminded that they are governed by their own terms of use.

CDMA is not responsible for transactions between the User and any advertiser or merchant business (including any partners) to which the user is guided through the website and can in no case be party to some potential disputes whether with such third parties for including the delivery of products and / or services, guarantees, statements and any other obligations to which such third parties are required.




The Services are subscribed for an indefinite period.

Users can unsubscribe from Services at any time by sending a request to this effect by email to CDMA, the contact details provided in section 2.

Deregistration is effective immediately. It will automatically delete the User's Account.




CDMA reserves the right to modify at any time these terms and conditions.

The User will be informed of these changes by any useful way.

Users who do not accept the modified terms and conditions must unsubscribe Services as provided in these Terms.

Any user who uses the Services after the entry into force of the amended terms and conditions shall be deemed to have accepted these modifications.




In the event of a translation of these terms in one or more languages, language interpretation will be French in case of conflict or dispute about the meaning of a term or provision.




The present general conditions are governed by French law.

The present general conditions, as well as the prices, are accepted in their entirety and without reserve from the moment the sale is validated by the customer. This acceptance prevails over his own conditions of purchase.

The present conditions are modifiable at any time without notice.

In the event of a dispute, the consumer may bring the matter before one of the courts having territorial jurisdiction under the Code of Civil Procedure, or before the court of the place where he or she resided at the time of the conclusion of the contract or the occurrence of the harmful event.

In the event of a dispute concerning the validity, interpretation and/or execution of these general terms and conditions, the parties agree that the courts of Lille shall have exclusive jurisdiction to rule on the matter, except in the case of mandatory procedural rules to the contrary.

Article 26: Mediation

In accordance with Articles L.616-1 and R.616-1 of the Consumer Code, our company has set up a consumer mediation system. The entity of mediation retained is: SAS CNPM - MÉDIATION - CONSOMMATION. In the event of a dispute, the consumer may file a claim on the site :

or by post by writing to


27, avenue de la Libération - 42400 SAINT-CHAMOND



These general conditions become effective on January 1st, 2016.