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  • Coin, France, Voltaire, 5 Francs, 1994, Paris, fautée - désaxée, AU(50-53)
    All the categories
  • Coin, Carnutes, Hemistater, 1st century BC, AU(50-53), Gold, Delestrée:manque.
    Ancient coins
  • Coin, France, Voltaire, 5 Francs, 1994, Paris, fautée - désaxée, AU(50-53)
  • Banknote, Peru, 50,000 Intis, 1988, 1988-06-28, KM:142, UNC(63)
  • United States of America, Token, Orange County Convention Center, Florida, 2015
    Medals & Tokens
  • Banknote, Austria, Goldwörth, 50 Heller, paysage, Undated, Undated, UNC(65-70)
    Emergency Currency
  • San Marino, 50 Euro, 2005, Rome, MS(65-70), Gold, KM:471
  • France, Monnaie de Paris, 20 Euro, Marianne, 2017, Paris, Proof, MS(65-70)
    Monnaie de Paris
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