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  • Banknote, Belgium, 100 Francs-20 Belgas, Undated (1938), KM:107, VF(20-25)
    All the categories
  • Coin, Egypt, Ptolemaic Kingdom, Ptolemy I Soter, Tetradrachm, 300-285 BC
    Ancient coins
  • Coin, Canada, Elizabeth II, 10 Dollars, 1975, Royal Canadian Mint, Ottawa, FDC
  • Banknote, Belgium, 100 Francs-20 Belgas, Undated (1938), KM:107, VF(20-25)
  • Vatican, Tourist Banknote - 0 Euro, Vatican - Stato della Città del Vaticano -
    Medals & Tokens
  • Banknote, Austria, Ruppersthal, 10 Heller, Eglise, 1920, UNC(63) Mehl:FS 854a
    Emergency Currency
  • France, 2 Euro, Traité de l'Elysée, 2013, MS(63), Bi-Metallic, Gadoury:17
  • France, Monnaie de Paris, 10 Euro, Traité de l'Elysée, 2013, BE, MS(65-70)
    Monnaie de Paris
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July 9th 1762

258 years ago, Russia crowned Catherine II. It was a friday. This day in history, the princess Sophie of Anhalt-Zerbst became Catherine II, empress of Russia, also known as Catherine the Great.
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Chronology of the roman emperors - Chapter II: The Year of the Four Emperors

In the preceding chapter, we saw Nero forced to commit suicide following a conspiracy which originated in Gaul. Between June AD 68 and the winter of AD 69, the post left vacant by the last of the Julio-Claudians passed from[...]
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