The online grand auction
The online grand auction

The online

grand auction


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NumisCorner has the great honor of inviting you to attend a special auction on the platform

The pre-bidding for this prestigious auction of 920 collectible items intended for numismatists is still open for a number of days in the run-up to the live grand auction on April 26 at 2 p.m. (CET).

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NumisCorner has been trading in France since 1977, and its Comptoirs des Monnaies branch offices can be found all across the country. The company is now introducing a new auction concept for numismatists, enthusiasts, the curious, and collectors from all over the world.

Of its total catalog containing over 200,000 items, NumisCorner is offering 920 items carefully selected by our experts at this prestigious auction, to be held on April 26, 2024, live on, following a pre-auction period lasting one month.

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Each collectible item up for sale is unique. Don’t miss your chance – there are only a few days left to take part!

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Some collectible items of the thousand which are up for sale

Lot 47

Caracalla, Aureus, 201, Rome, RIC:52, from a Late Foreign Ambassador, from an European Nobleman.

An extremely rare aureus! This magnificent Roman coin is the perfect representation of the dynastic wishes of the Severans, with masterfully engraved depictions of the young Caracalla on the obverse.


Lot 831

Switzerland, 100 Franken, Guillaume Tell: Specimen, punched hole cancelled.

Very rare specimen. Obverse: William Tell at left, Tell's Chapel at Lake Vierwaldstätten at right. Letters T.W. at lower left, R.K. at lower right.


Lot 208

Louis XIII, Double louis d'or, LVDO variety, 1640, pre-issue, from Abbé Thilliez collection.

Extremely rare exemple of the Double Louis d'or with the large head and the LVDO legend, in almost superb condition, very well centered.


The announcement of this prestigious auction marks an important milestone in NumisCorner’s history.

It is an opportunity for us to share both our passion and our latest acquisitions with a wider audience.

Our goal remains unchanged: to transform every purchase into a moment of pleasure and guarantee you an exceptional customer experience.

Over the last few years, we have meticulously developed and aligned our organization so as to satisfy your requirements optimally.

We have established a network of shops throughout France in order to provide you with easy access to the finest collections. Our team has now grown to include 10 numismatics experts committed to discovering and authenticating each item.

At the same time, we have consolidated our customer service, logistics, and marketing teams, as we believe that your experience from discovering our catalog to receiving your purchase should always be smooth and problem-free.

This first auction is more than just an event! It is the celebration of our continued commitment to sharing our love of numismatics with you.

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