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Sell your coins


Buying and selling coins and other items of currency has shaped our daily routine since 1977. Last year alone, we sold more than €7 million worth of coins, banknotes, medals and tokens. Our company, our accounts, and our stocks are audited several times every year by an independent external auditor.

We are in a position to purchase a single coin or an entire collection valued from €1 up to €1 million immediately. Payment is effected via bank transfer within 48 hours. We aim to offer each customer an exceptional service.

Count on our efficiency and discretion to sell your collection.



We are very proud to be the only company on the Internet today to offer such visibility when it comes to its numismatics catalog. We are the only one represented on all the major numismatics marketplaces across all continents, have tens of thousands of clients in our database, operate 7 numismatics establishments in France, and nurture an international network of colleagues with whom we work on a regular basis.

What’s more, we are constantly endeavoring to expand this visibility throughout all the countries of the world with a diversified target market.

You thus benefit from an international network offering a high probability of a quick sale for any coin and in any price bracket.



We demand a lot of ourselves and do everything in our power to deliver an outstanding quality of service.



We love customer service almost as much as numismatics. We will bend over backwards day in, day out to ensure you are happy. We make a point of simplifying complex things and solving problems quickly.

Our aim is to offer you the most agreeable collecting experience possible.



Whether you’re an experienced seller or this is your very first time, our team of experts adapts to your needs and respects your priorities.

You can let us guide you or take up the reins yourself and, for example, suggest a selling price, a historical or commercial description, etc.

If you are looking for a quick sale, consider the consignment process too complicated, and don’t want to wait for your coin to sell, you can opt for an immediate deal settled by bank transfer or an immediate deal with a discount voucher in the sum of the agreed purchase price to redeem against our catalog.

We adapt to your preferences and priorities. We leave nothing to chance.

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