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5 coin and medal gift ideas

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5 coin and medal gift ideas

Although they might not seem an obvious gift choice at first, coins and medals make great presents and have a wide range of qualities.

Not only are they long-lasting, but they also have an intrinsic cultural dimension, sometimes an emotional connection, and are sometimes rare (or even one of a kind), in addition to a value that can increase over time, aesthetic appeal, and being a part of history. Not to mention that some coins and medals are true works of art.

A rare, precious, and beautiful object that the recipient can treasure for a lifetime thinking of the person who gave it to them!

Is there any better definition of a gift, really?

So, here are 5 coin and medal gift ideas to suit all budgets.

5 types of collectible items sure to go down a treat!

 Idée cadeau : monnaies or cotées

I - Gold coins listed on the stock exchange

If you are looking for a valuable gift to replace an envelope in an original way, look no further: listed gold coins combine aesthetic appeal, the historical value of the collectible item, and the quality of the precious object all in one.

Timeless: The French Napoléon

Budget: From €360

  • Designation: Napoléon
  • Denomination: 20 francs
  • Country: France
  • Precious metal: Gold
  • Millesimal fineness: 900 ‰
  • Listed coin: Yes

We really had no choice but to kick this article off with a timeless classic: the 20-franc gold Napoléon.

5 coin and medal gift ideas

This coin was issued between 1803 and 1914 and does not necessarily feature the effigy of Napoleon I, although he was responsible for its original creation. Individual coins can be more or less expensive depending on how many were struck and the state of conservation.

In France, in a time not so long ago, it was tradition to give a Napoléon to your grandchildren once a year. As such, it is a coin steeped in history.

Our firm favorite

Less “classic” than that with the effigy of Napoleon I, the “Rooster” 20 franc coin, the last type issued and engraved by Chaplain, boasts both elegance and symbolism with Marianne on the obverse and the Gallic rooster on the reverse.

Coin France

Marianne, 20 Francs, 1901, Paris, Coq, AU(55-58), Gold, KM:847

5 coin and medal gift ideas

Phlegmatic: The British sovereign

Budget: From €230

  • Designation: Sovereign
  • Denomination: 1 sovereign or half sovereign
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Precious metal: Gold
  • Millesimal fineness: 916 ‰
  • Listed coin: Yes

Individual coins can be more or less expensive depending on how many were struck and the state of conservation.

The history of the sovereign is split into two eras: first, its initial period of issue from 1489 to 1952, then, in a second period, under Elizabeth II since 1957. The half sovereign, containing half the weight of gold compared with the sovereign, is more affordable. Its engraving has followed precise rules since 1817: a profile of the....sovereign (monarch) on the obverse and St. George slaying the dragon on the basis of a particularly successful design by Benedetto Pistrucci on the reverse.

This coin had an international impact during the great era of the British Empire and symbolizes wealth and durability.

Our firm favorite

This sovereign issued in the early years of Elizabeth II’s reign with a particularly fine and aesthetically appealing engraving and a very attractive bronze patina.

Coin Great Britain

Elizabeth II, Sovereign, 1958, AU(55-58), Gold, KM:908

Mythical: The American Double Eagle

Budget: From €1,890

  • Designations: Liberty Head & Saint-Gaudens
  • Denomination: “Double Eagle” 20 dollars
  • Country: USA
  • Precious metal: Gold
  • Millesimal fineness: 900 ‰
  • Listed coin: Yes

A heavy coin, containing a little over 30 grams of gold when an Elizabeth II sovereign comes in at just under eight.

5 coin and medal gift ideas

This, in addition to its appeal as a collectible coin, its rarity, and its state of conservation, explains its higher cost compared with other listed coins. There are two types: the first, “Liberty Head”, issued between 1849 and 1907, and the second, “Saint-Gaudens”, issued between 1907 and 1933.

A symbol of opulence and influence over the world, this bullion coin simply enchants with its aestheticism and exquisite quality.


The “Saint-Gaudens” owes its name to its creator, Augustus Saint-Gaudens, commissioned to design it by Theodore Roosevelt. The obverse, with its view of Lady Liberty inclined slightly backward holding a torch and an olive branch, conveys a sense of power and strength. On the reverse, an eagle soaring over the sun.

Coin United States

Saint-Gaudens, $20, Double Eagle, 1924, U.S. Mint

The best thing about listed gold coins?

Beyond their value as collectible items (which can be higher than the stock market price), these coins are always listed on the stock market and are therefore likely to increase in value over time.


II - Lucky coins

Antique: The horn of plenty

Budget: From €75

Let’s now go back to the source and, in addition to a coin bearing the symbol of wealth in the form of the mythical horn of plenty, you gift all the historical weight of a coin that is over 1,000 years old.

Coin Septimius Severus

Denarius, AU(50-53), Silver, Cohen:23

The horn of plenty (or cornucopia) is shaped like a...horn and is overflowing with fruit, milk, and honey, all inexhaustible resources. According to the myth attached to it, it was said to have adorned the forehead of the nanny goat Amalthea, foster-mother of Zeus during the god’s infancy. Notably an attribute (among others) of the goddess Fortuna in Roman mythology, the horn of plenty is an inexhaustible source of benefits.

Coins bearing this horn, frequently on the reverse, are diverse and varied, often of Greek or Roman origin.

Oriental: The Chinese cash

Budget: From €5

  • Designation: Cash
  • Denomination: 1 cash
  • Country: China

The Chinese cash is a pierced coin with a square hole and is generally made of copper.

5 coin and medal gift ideas

From a symbolic perspective, its round form is reminiscent of the sky and the central square represents the Earth, thus the coin brings the two together in perfect harmony. Tradition holds that three of these coins threaded on a red cord will bring the bearer happiness and prosperity.

Coin China

EMPIRE, Tao - Kuang, Cash, 1821-1851, Hu-pu Board of Revenue

For optimal effect – and in light of the relatively modest budget for the purchase of ancient and genuine coins – it is of course a good idea to purchase three rather than just one.

5 coin and medal gift ideas

British: The penny

Budget: From €15

  • Designation: Penny
  • Denomination: 1 penny
  • Country: United Kingdom and Commonwealth

Just like the Chinese cash, the penny in question should be made of copper, likely due to the fact that the ore was considered a gift from the gods in ancient times.

Coin Great Britain

Crown Copper Company, Penny Token, 1811, Birmingham

The penny, or more appropriately “lucky penny”, is famous among English speakers as a bringer of good luck.

III - Silver bullion coins

If gold is often expensive and a little out of your price range, there is nothing to stop you settling on another precious metal no less aesthetically pleasing: silver, which makes another appealing substitute for the traditional but somewhat expected envelope containing banknotes or a check.

Obvious choice: The real silver ingot

 Budget: From €15

  • Precious metal: Silver
  • Millesimal fineness: Depends on your selection, at least 900 ‰
  • Stock exchange listed: Yes, based on the value of silver and whether the ingot is in good condition

The ingot is without a doubt a little flashy but also lives up to its appearance: a precious and durable object.

5 coin and medal gift ideas

Sweden Medal

Lingotin, W.A Bolin, Apatite, Stockholm, MS(64), Silver

Some of them, like the one shown here, are engraved with a wide range of diverse themes, come from all over the world, and are sometimes even encrusted with a precious stone. The choice is vast, and the price varies according to its weight, its rarity, and its state of conservation.

5 coin and medal gift ideas

Aesthetically pleasing: The bullion coin

Budget: From €15

  • Designation: Bullion
  • Face value: Depends on issuing country
  • Country: Canada, United Kingdom, United States, Mexico, South Africa and even China
  • Precious metal: Silver
  • Millesimal fineness: Usually 999 ‰
  • Stock exchange listed: Yes, based on the value of silver and whether the coin is in good condition

United States 1 Dollar

1 Oz, 2013, Philadelphia, Silver, MS(63), KM:273

Bullion coins are investment coins with a value based on their precious metal weight (gold, silver, platinum). Coins of this type are also issued as limited editions destined for collectors. The price therefore varies depending on their status, weight, rarity, and state of conservation.

Médaille Rolls Royce

IV - Medals for passions

Budget: All budgets

It is always difficult to find the perfect gift for passionate collectors who often already have everything relating to their hobby.


For example, you will find a wide range for people passionate about horse, cars, painting and art, or even boats. As valuable gifts, we have selected a range of medals made from gold, silver (or silver plated), bronze, porcelain, and gilt silver for you.


Enter the subject of your choice here

5 coin and medal gift ideas

This magnificent bronze “Yachting” medal issued in 1976 and engraved by Raymond Delamarre, a sculptor and medalist who graduated from the Beaux-Arts de Paris National School of Fine Arts, was practically mermaid (sorry!) to be a gift for a sailing enthusiast.

France Medal

Yachting, Sirènes, Anges, Shipping, 1976, Delamarre, MS(63)

V - Limited editions in gold and silver

5 coin and medal gift ideas

Budget: From €49 to €4.590 

  • Precious metal: Silver or Gold
  • Millesimal fineness: At least 900 ‰
  • Stock exchange listed: Yes, based on the value of silver and gold

Finally, to conclude, here is a carefully selected range of high-quality gold and silver coins (brand new or fleur de coin) issued in limited quantities around the world.

They are true collector’s items, and each of these coins will surely leave a mark on the mind of the recipient of this precious and unique gift.


This stunning leather case, including an authentic White Star Line stock certificate, a sheet of 5 stamps from the Titanic issue, two Royal Canadian Mint Titanic coins (one 25 cent coloured coin, one coloured & silver plated 50 cent coin) and 3 post cards. Only 10,000 were struck:

Coin Canada

Titanic collector set, 2012, Royal Canadian Mint, Proof

So, that’s it for our 5 gift ideas. We hope you found what you were looking for, among these metallic treasures galore. And, if not, one thing’s sure – our search engine has plenty more to explore!

Translation: Michael Wright

Updated on: 12/01/2023


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