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The decadrachm of Syracuse

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While most collector’s items have a relatively reasonable price, in some cases their extreme rarity, age, state of conservation and beauty make them true museum pieces and render them almost priceless.

This little antique silver gem satisfies all the criteria: : very rare, certainly magnificent, with an elegant patina and perfect engraving, dating from the 4th century BC.

This decadrachm of Syracuse was designed by one of the most famous engravers of Ancient Greece: Kimon.

It was one of the largest coins in circulation in Sicily at that time and was probably reserved for (very) large purchases.

Coin Sicily

Syracuse, Decadrachm, 405-400 BC, Unsigned work by Kimon

On the obverse we see a quadriga and its charioteer. The reverse features a profile of Arethusa, the muse of spring, encircled by four dolphins and the name of the famous ancient mint of Syracuse.

A true and exceptional coin work of art to consider!
Selection published on 07/01/2022