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Present idea: Birth year coin

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Present idea: Birth year coin

As a gift or even for yourself!

When it comes to giving gifts, spoiling, surprising, thrilling, treating, delighting, impressing, and enchanting, we often find ourselves at a loss for inspiration.

But what if we allow simplicity and originality to prevail?

Here is an original gift idea to suit any budget and which will surely appeal to numismatists and neophytes from 7 to 77 alike: a coin from the year they were born.

A unique coin with a truly symbolic dimension, one which was issued in the year that you or the intended recipient of your gift was born! A coin that will evolve, develop a patina, and age along with you or its new owner.

Whether it’s for a spirited centenarian or a joyful recent addition to this world, we’re sure that you will find a coin for the right year here!


Cadeau monnaie de naissance

Let the muses inspire you!

Enter the corresponding year and country in the field below and Bob’s your uncle! All that’s left for you to do is to choose the coin that will make the lucky recipient’s heart sing from the list of results shown, whether it be for Christmas or their birthday...


(price range generally above €100)

*Coins made of precious metal are rare. If your search does not return any results, please uncheck this option or try again leaving the country field blank.

An extra little gift?

If you check the “velvet pouch” option on your order after adding it to your cart, your birth year coin will arrive prettily packaged.



  • "The Seasons" by Alphonse Maria Mucha (1897)
  • Decorative fountain project for the interior by Alphonse Maria Mucha
Selection published on 27/11/2021

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