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7 rare French coins you may have at home

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Millions of coins circulate every day in France, so many that we tend not to pay attention to them anymore.

And yet, you may well be in possession of one or more rarities without knowing it.

Here are seven examples of rare coins you are likely to have in your house:


Coins featured in the video:

Coin France

Semeuse, Franc, 1928, Paris, Piéfort, PCGS, SP64, MS(64), Silver

France 20 Francs

Guiraud, 1950, Beaumont - Le Roger, 4 Faucilles

Coin France

Lavrillier, 5 Francs, 1936, Paris, EF(40-45), Nickel, KM:888

Coin France

Mont Saint Michel, 20 Francs, BE, 1992, MS(65-70), Or / Or blanc

France 2 Euro Cent

2011, Hybrid issue, AU(55-58), Copper Plated Steel

Coin France

Épi, Centime, 1991, Paris, AU(55-58), Stainless Steel, KM:928

Coin France

Turin, 20 Francs, 1939, Paris, PCGS, MS63, Silver, KM:879, graded

Video by Thomas Wazylyna

Front cover : The Corn Harvest (August) - Pieter Bruegel the Elder

Selection published on 10/11/2022