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1 Florin 4 Kreuzer (Germany, 1713)

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Landau Fortress was constructed between 1688 and 1691 by the famous French architect Sébastien Le Prestre de Vauban.

During the War of the Spanish Succession, it was laid siege to no fewer than four times in eleven years.

The first time was by the Holy Roman Empire looking to retake it from the Kingdom of France in 1702. Further sieges followed in 1703 and 1704. The final time was in 1713 by the Kingdom of France hoping to take it back from the Holy Roman Empire.

All in all, a sort of sinister game of table tennis between the two powers.

Particularly tough on the inhabitants...

It was during this final assault, where the French ultimately triumphed, that this silver 1 Florin 4 Kreuzer coin was issued by the city of Landau.

Coin German States

LANDAU, 1 Florin 4 Kreuzer, 1713, EF(40-45), Silver, KM:12

Selection published on 20/03/2020