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  • Coin, Japan, 10 Yen, 2003
    All the categories
  • Coin, Maximianus, Fraction Æ, 295-299, Kyzikos, AU(50-53), Bronze, RIC:607
    Ancient coins
  • Coin, Japan, 10 Yen, 2003
  • Banknote, Germany, 1000 Mark, 1910, 1910-04-21, KM:44b, VF(30-35)
  • France, Medal, Charles de Gaulle, un Homme, un Destin, Politics, 2012
  • France, Token, Royal, Paix de Ratisbonne, History, EF(40-45), Brass
  • Coin, France, Etablissements Peugeot, ETABLISSEMENTS PEUGEOT, Valentigney, 10
    Emergency coins
  • Banknote, Pirot:59-1630, 5 Centimes, 1917, France, VF(20-25), Lille
    Emergency banknotes
  • Coin, France, 2 Euro Cent, 2010
  • France, Monnaie de Paris, 10 Euro, Semeuse - Franc à cheval, 2015, Paris
    Monnaie de Paris
Choose your weapons

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