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We created the brand numiscorner.com
around a strong idea:
Popularize Numismatics
and make it more accessible worldwide.

Maxime Loriel, founder of Numiscorner.com


NumisCorner.com is the online destination for lovers of coins and banknotes who wish to start or complete a collection, or simply experience at least once in their life that magic emotion of holding an old coin in the palm of your hand.
With the ambitious goal of revolutionizing Numismatics in the world through Internet, we brought together our passion for coins and our know-how in e-commerce to rethink the concept of buying a numismatic item.


NumisCorner.com is a brand of the company Comptoir des Monnaies. Founded in 1977 in France (in Epernay, the world capital of Champagne), the family company has placed itself among the leaders in its business in Europe, developing recognized expertise in Numismatics and offering today one of the largest coin catalogs on the Internet.
Our history

We work
with passion and sincerity

189094 items indexed
in our catalog

Founded in
France in 1977