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The cheeky Thracian

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To mark Valentine’s Day, here is a slightly risqué selection where you wouldn’t expect it!

The island of Thasos, not far from Samothrace, celebrated not victory but indeed love on the obverse of several of its coins, which quite clearly depict the coupling of a satyr and a nymph.

Surprising, a little salacious, and quite fantastic.

Islands off Thrace Stater

ca. 435-411 BC, Thasos, Silver, NGC, Ch XF 5/5-2/5

Coin Thrace

Drachm, 550-463 BC, Thasos, VF(30-35), Silver, SNG-Cop:1014

Coin Islands off Thrace

Stater, ca. 480-460 BC, Thasos, EF(40-45), Silver

Coin Thrace

Stater, 500-480 BC, Thasos, VF(20-25), Silver, HGC:6, 331

Coin Thrace

Thasos, Helios, Stater, 480 - 463 BC, Thasos, EF(40-45), Silver

Picture: "Nymphs and Satyr" by William-Adolphe Bouguereau (1873)(Public Domain)

Selection published on 13/02/2023