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Say it with flowers

44 collectible items

Spring has now sprung, meaning it is high time to sow the seeds and watch your summer banknote collection blossom.

Cheerful, varied, and colorful as it should be... And what better backdrop than a rectangle of paper money on which to paint an array of petals and corollas... 

From the amazing Swiss thistle to the flower of the orchid tree, the emblem of the city of Hong Kong, from the Brazilian water lily to the traditional Tahitian wreath, passing by Indonesia, including cloves, which offers a flora as colorful as that of Surinam or the Seychelles, and even the lily or the Romanian gentian: a floral selection of bunches of banknotes to be harvested in bouquets!

Illustration : "Lotus Lilies" by Charles Courtney Curran (1888) (Public domain)

Banknote Indonesia

5 Rupiah, 1959, 1959-01-01, KM:65, UNC(65-70)

Banknote Indonesia

20, 000 Rupiah, 1992-1995, KM:132d, UNC(65-70)

Banknote Indonesia

20, 000 Rupiah, 1992, KM:132a, UNC(63)

Banknote Indonesia

2 1/2 Rupiah, 1961, KM:79, AU(55-58)

Banknote Hong Kong

10 Dollars, 1995, 1995-01-01, UNC(65-70)

Banknote French Pacific Territories

10, 000 Francs, 1985, 1985, KM:4a

Banknote Brazil

5 Cruzeiros, KM:166a, AU(55-58)

Banknote Australia

5 Dollars, 1995, UNC(65-70)

Selection published on 28/04/2023