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A Golden Queen

97 collectible items

As the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth realms mourn the sad loss of their queen in September 2022 after coins and banknotes featuring her effigy have circulated for the past seven decades, here comes an unmissable monetary retrospective via a series of articles dedicated to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Queen Elizabeth II pictured during the Royal Tour of New Zealand of 1953/54

Communicate New Zealand – National Archives – CNZ Collection (CC2 license)

During her 70-year reign, although gold is no longer the currency of choice, as Queen of not only the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland but also the other Commonwealth realms, Queen Elizabeth II saw her portrait struck on a great many coins made from this noble metal.

Over the years and across countries, issues have multiplied, immortalizing the portrait of the Queen on countless obverses and reverses. A portrait of a woman evolving with the passage of time, eternally in profile. An engraved kaleidoscope of each age of her life.

This golden inventory naturally includes first of all the traditional and unmistakable British sovereigns from various eras. Elegant, sober, and perfect.

We also see her profile appearing on commemorative editions: coronations, jubilees, family occasions, and weddings. Souvenirs in fleur de coin quality originating from the four corners of the British world.

And finally, her portrait features on creations a little more fanciful as a basis for collector’s items on a wide and varied range of subjects. From the classic Canadian maple leaf to Australian kangaroos via the Cook Islands, Solomon Islands, and Fiji.

Counter-relief and relief portraits of a far-away queen who left her lasting mark on the world.

Australia Elizabeth II

Lézard à colerette, 2 Dollars, 2013, MS(65-70), Gold

Coin Canada

Elizabeth II, 50 Cents, 2020, Royal Canadian Mint, MS(65-70), Gold

Coin Great Britain

Elizabeth II, 1/4 Sovereign, 2022, Jubilé de Platine

Cook Islands Elizabeth II

Apollo 11, 10 Dollars, 2009, BE, MS(65-70), Gold

Cook Islands Elizabeth II

Ours polaire, 10 Dollars, 2008, BE, MS(65-70), Gold

Cook Islands Elizabeth II

James Cook, 10 Dollars, 2008, BE, MS(65-70), Gold

Coin Canada

Elizabeth II, 50 Dollars, 1986, Royal Canadian Mint, Ottawa

Coin Canada

Elizabeth II, Maple Leaf, 50 Dollars, 1979, Royal Canadian Mint

Coin Cook Islands

Elizabeth II, 10 dollars, 1/10 Oz, 2020, Proof, MS(65-70)

Coin Canada

Elizabeth II, 100 Dollars, 1976, Royal Canadian Mint, Ottawa

Coin Falkland Islands

Elizabeth II, 2 Pounds, 1997, British Royal Mint

Coin Great Britain

Elizabeth II, Sovereign, 1978, London, PCGS, MS63, MS(63)

Selection published on 28/09/2022