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Edito – Subtle April

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Edito – Subtle April

Showers of new items
for blossoming collections.

In this month blowing hot and cold, here comes a veritable mixture of collectible items which are favorites, topical, trending, or must-haves not to be missed!

Classified, as is only fitting, by category.

New coins of the world

I – Coins of the world and National Unicorn Day

If you didn’t know (and who could blame you), April 9 was National Unicorn Day.

For lack of an actual unicorn, we’ve dipped into mythical creatures and invite you to take a look at this one-ounce silver bullion coin issued by Tanzania, a limited edition with just 499 copies produced, and featuring a superb interpretation of Pegasus on its obverse.

In the same animal vein, let us not forget World Penguin Day on April 25. The Pobjoy Mint, which operated from 1965 to 2023, certainly didn’t and issued a commemorative coin honoring them in 2021.

Our experts’ favorite

This stunning silver coin from 1777, issued by the Grand Duchy of Tuscany, with its lovely golden-brown patina.

New French coins

II – French coins and republican values

Before we get to the bulk of the new selection, here are two collectible items which are “so far apart and yet so close” as regards the concerns they express.

First, this satirical coin lambasting Napoleon III in 1868: “Ô France qui enfantas (sic) jadis la liberté, tu l’immoles lâchement aujourd’hui sur l’autel du despotisme” (O France, who once gave birth to liberty, today you cowardly immolate it on the altar of despotism).

And, on the other side, two centuries later, this “Valeurs de la République (Values of the Republic)” set evoking liberty, equality, fraternity, justice, secularism, and respect.

Our experts’ favorite

This very rare 1/2 teston made of silver from the 16th century with the effigy of Francis I is certain to enchant your collection. Beyond its historical dimension? An original portrait on the obverse and an elegant patina.

New ancient coins available

III – Ancient coins

Owls are frequently punched on Greek coins.

And even Athena must take care when the money-changer is at work, particularly on this silver tetradrachm from the Classical period, where he left a mark on her cheek.

Our experts’ favorite

This extraordinary Sicilian coin made of electrum with a value of 50 litrai was struck in Syracuse during the Hellenistic period.

New banknotes from all over the world

IV – Banknotes of the world and welcome to Macau (澳門)

If you want to go far, you have to change your money!

So, let’s talk about pataca without macauing a big deal out of it. And let’s start with Macau banknotes. Place your bets!

New medals from all over the world

V – Tales of tokens and medals!

Two notable series caught our eye:

First, the illustrated fairy tales and fables on silver medals. From the Town Musicians of Bremen to Cinderella, find the perfect fit for your collection.

Then the “Les joyaux de Paris (The Jewels of Paris)” series, also in silver, illustrating the great names and monuments of the French capital

Our experts’ favorite

A veritable curiosity with this silver French medal in the art nouveau style, engraved by Dautel in 1908 and with the “Association des propriétaires d'appareils à vapeur du nord” (Northern steam engine owners association) for its subject.

VI – Euros with a holy aura

The Vatican has some interesting new items on offer this month. From Benedict for Francis, often in sets…

Not to be missed in April


Final days...

The pre-bidding stage of our grand auction “The Fundamental” will soon be drawing to a close, concluding on April 26, with a live auction starting at 2 p.m. (CET) on Don’t hesitate or you risk missing out on great opportunities!

I want to join the auction

Memo II

Counterfeiting of €2 coins is booming. NumismaticNews reported that a research team in Pristina, Kosovo, discovered more than 30,000 counterfeit coins in the first half of 2023 compared with only 4,451 identified during the same period in 2022.

While we are on the topic: Here is an amusing little video, not exactly recent but still interesting, which shows you how to detect fake euro coins with the help of a magnet.

Image at the top: “Athena's owl” by the AI program Midjourney (2024) (All rights reserved)

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