The online grand auction
The online grand auction
Volumes II & III



“The Dashing”

The auctions are held online via the platform

Name your own price, this spring!

NumisCorner has the great honor of inviting you to attend a new auction hosted on

Of its total catalog containing over 200,000 items, NumisCorner is offering 1 905 items carefully selected by our experts at this second auction. This one will be split into the two sales “Classic” and “Excellence”, due to conclude with live auctions on June 15 and 16, 2024, respectively, after a one-month pre-auction period.

Pre-bidding for these two sales is now open.

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Each collectible item up for sale is one of a kind, and we can only encourage you to take part in the pre-bidding now in order to avoid missing out.

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The live auctions on June 15 and June 16 will take place exclusively on

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This second auction event is an opportunity for NumisCorner to continue sharing its love of numismatics and its latest acquisitions with a wider audience.

Our goal remains unchanged: to transform every purchase into a moment of pleasure and guarantee you an exceptional customer experience.

Over the last few years, we have meticulously developed and aligned our organization so as to satisfy your requirements optimally.

We have established a network of shops throughout France in order to provide you with easy access to the finest collections. Our team has now grown to include 10 numismatics experts committed to discovering and authenticating each item.

At the same time, we have consolidated our customer service, logistics, and marketing teams, as we believe that your experience from discovering our catalog to receiving your purchase should always be smooth and problem-free.

Always with you, this second auction event is a symbol of our desire to continue sharing our love of numismatics and exceptional collectible items.

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