The 50-50 in September

50 collectible items

Fleur de coins

Perfected perfection

Perfection is not of this world. That is certain. However, we can get close to it with optimism and enthusiasm – thanks to a bright strike and coins which have never or only briefly been in circulation. Scratches, errors, defects? Forget all about them and choose the patinaed beauty of pristine coins.

Better still, we can also get close to it for paper money. Crisp, new banknotes? You want it – you’ve got it!

In September, we are firing up the money printing press and handling the coins with dexterity for a selection put together almost perfectly for the future of your collection: 50 collectible items under €50 for you to squirrel away without delay.

Painting: “View of the amphitheater of the former Faculty of Medicine, at the corner of the Rue de la Bucherie and Rue Hotel Colbert” by Maurice Emmanuel Lansyer (1886) (public domain)

Coin Ukraine

5 Hryven, 2015, BE, MS(65-70), Nickel Silver, KM:778

Coin Ukraine

Shchedryk, 5 Hryven, 2016, BE, MS(65-70), Copper-nickel

Coin United States

5 Cents, 2014, Sioux, MS(65-70), Nickel


PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC, 10 Yüan, 2011, MS(65-70), Silver, KM:1980

Coin Palau

Pacific Wildlife, Hebomoia Leucippe, Dollar, 2008, MS(65-70)


Elizabeth II, Crown, 1988, Proof, MS(65-70)

Coin Cayman Islands

Elizabeth II, 2 Dollars, 1980, British Royal Mint, Proof

Coin Australia

Elizabeth II, Dollar, 2012, Perth, Koala, MS(65-70), Silver

Coin France

Hercule, 50 Francs, 1974, Paris, FDC, MS(65-70), Silver, KM:941.1

Coin France

Hercule, 50 Francs, 1977, Paris, FDC, MS(65-70), Silver, KM:941.1

Selection published on 20/09/2021