The 50-50 in March

49 collectible items

Think inside the box.

On your March, get sets, go!

Sleeves, boxes, sets, packagings, and displays: the fleur de coin. A wealth of coins encased and protected in sets, boxes, and sleeves – packagings made from card, velvet, and paper to showcase the beauty of 50 collectible items available for less than €50 each.

Painting: “Still Life with Shells and a Chip-Wood Box” by Sebastian Stoskopff (17th century) (public domain)

Coin Switzerland

Set, 1980, Bern, Proof, MS(65-70)

Coin Canada

Set, 1994, Royal Canadian Mint, Proof, MS(65-70)

Benelux Euro Set of 24 coins + 1 token



Elizabeth II, 25 Crowns, 1977, Proof, MS(65-70)

San Marino 2 Euro

Sandro Botticelli, 2010, MS(65-70), Bi-Metallic

San Marino 2 Euro

Année de la création et de l'innovation, 2009, MS(65-70)

San Marino 2 Euro

2016, MS(65-70), Bi-Metallic

San Marino Set

2003, 20c + 50c, MS(65-70)

France Monnaie de Paris

Set, 2021, Paris, BU, MS(65-70)

Coin France

Série Commémorative, Set, 1998, 2 Fr Cassin + Médaille argent

Selection published on 12/03/2021