The 50-50 in January

50 collectible items

A royal selection, phlegmatic and overabundant.

Welcome to the United Kingdom

An absolutely royal portrait gallery, regal and military decorations, both Scottish and English banknotes, silver coins, and copper pennies.

Plus, for a little extra fun, there are also colleges, institutions and islands, items of advertising currency, and illustrated fiction in the form of brand-new, especially colorful banknotes.

Painting: “A View of London with St. Paul’s Cathedral from the Thames” by John Gendall (19th century) (public domain)

Great Britain Sports & leisure

Medal, AU(50-53), Bronze, 44, 36.00

Coin Great Britain

George V, Florin, Two Shillings, 1930, AU(55-58), Silver

Coin Isle of Man

Elizabeth II, 25 Pence, 1972, Pobjoy Mint, MS(60-62), Silver

Coin Great Britain

Elizabeth II, 2 Pounds, 1989, British Royal Mint, Proof

United Kingdom Coronation of her Majesty Elisabeth II

Medal, 1953, Excellent

United Kingdom War Medal 1939-45

Medal, 1939-1945, Excellent Quality, Nickel

United Kingdom Royal Army Service Corps

Medal, Very Good Quality, Copper, 42

United Kingdom 1939-45 Star

Medal, 1939-1945, Excellent Quality, Copper

Coin Great Britain

Edward I, Penny, London, VF(20-25), Silver

Coin Great Britain

George III, 1/2 Penny, 1770, VF(30-35), Copper, KM:601

Selection published on 15/01/2021