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An inspired Christmas

An inspired Christmas

Christmas spirit


Has your Christmas spirit been spirited away? Desperately searching for gifts, but all out of ideas? Let us do the thinking for you!

Here are seven topics showcasing coins and medals you could give your nearest and dearest as gifts with no ulterior motives. When you give coins or medals are gifts, you’re sure of success whoever your intended recipient: your present will be valuable, original, and unique the world over. 

1 - American Eagle bullion coins

American Eagle Type

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2 - Art-deco-style medals

art-deco-style medals

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3 - Halfpenny tokens

halfpennies tokens

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4 - Monnaie de Paris (Paris Mint), year of issue 2018

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5 - The euro tour

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6 - Medals with jump rings

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7 - Gold coins

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Now you should feel like a weight has been lifted, have found your inspiration again, and have all your Christmas shopping done!

Article translated by Michael Wright.

Written by Alice Girard - 03.12.18 - 21h30.
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