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Painting at the top: “Marine med sejlskibe ud for klippekyst” by Vilhelm Melbye (1849) (CC)

France St Malo-Le Légué cruise

Shipping, Medal, 1890, AU(50-53), Vernon

France Dieppe Sailing society

History, Medal, AU(55-58), Bronze, 59mm

FRANCE Shipping

French Fourth Republic, Medal, 1949, MS(60-62), Renard, ...

FRANCE Shipping

French Third Republic, Medal, 1891, AU(50-53), Copper, 41, ...

France Medal

French Second Republic, Sports & leisure, 1850, EF(40-45), Tin

France Medal

French Third Republic, Politics, Society, War, 1903, Desaide

Selection published on 02/10/2020
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