October’s 50/50

50 collectible items

Greek dreams are made of this!


Distant provinces monetized since Antiquity, deified banknotes, and coins sporting holes.

Euros without Europe, but medals for Europe.

And, finally, immortalized athletes and drachmas with splendid helmets and headdresses.

Painting: “View of the Flower of Greece” by August Ahlborn (1836)

Greece 2 Euro

Marathon, 2010, MS(63), Bi-Metallic

Greece Euro

2003, MS(63), Bi-Metallic, KM:187

Greece Token

Rhodes, Manaraki, AU(55-58), Cupro-nickel

Greece Token

Colossus of Rhodes, AU(55-58), Cupro-nickel

Banknote Greece

50 Drachmai, 1964, 1964-10-01, KM:195a, EF(40-45)

Banknote Greece

100 Drachmai, 1978, 1978-12-08, KM:200b, AU(55-58)

Banknote Greece

50 Drachmai, 1978-12-08, KM:199a, F(12-15)

Banknote Greece

500 Drachmaes, 1983-02-01, KM:201a, VG(8-10)

Greece 2 Euro

Site archéologique de Philippes, 2017, golden, MS(63)

Greece 2 Euro Cent

2006, MS(65-70), Copper Plated Steel, KM:182

Selection published on 23/10/2020