Little Red Riding Hood 20 euro coin (Germany, 2016)

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Little Red Riding Hood 20 euro coin (Germany, 2016)

Are you already familiar with the Golden Enigma series of limited edition coins?

This special series of coins was issued by a number of countries between 2016 and 2019. It is characterized by the elegance of its design and style, highlighted by ruthenium plating – a black metal on which elegant gilding captivates the eye.

This series was created from scratch by the company AllCollect.*

* AllCollect is a numismatics agency which assists issuing countries with the creation of new monetary concepts.


The series is distinguished by a number of features: :


The coins in this series are bullion coins, i.e., coins weighing one ounce, generally made of gold, silver, or platinum, which are characterized by the fact that their intrinsic value is that of their weight in metal.

Coin Mexico

Onza, Troy Ounce of Silver, 2005, Mexico City, MS(63), Silver

This type of coin is very popular in English-speaking countries, notably Canada and also Australia, as well as in China and Mexico. The coins are less sought-after in Europe.


Although the Golden Enigma coins are made from pure silver – “fine silver” (999) for the most part – they are beautifully distinguished by ruthenium plating and 24-carat gold gilding, which gives them an extremely elegant and unique appearance.

Little Red Riding Hood 20 euro coin (Germany, 2016)

Noble metal

In chemistry, noble metals are metallic elements that show outstanding resistance to chemical attack even at high temperatures. They are well known for their catalytic properties and associated capacity to facilitate or control the rates of chemical reactions. The short list of chemically noble metals [...] comprises ruthenium, rhodium, palladium, osmium, iridium, platinum, gold, silver.




This special design was used for various coins issued between 2016 and 2019 by the US, Rwanda, China, the United Kingdom, Somalia, Gibraltar, Niue, Canada, and – of course – Germany.

Coin China

Panda, 10 Yüan, 2016, Bullion, MS(65-70), Silver

For the most part, they feature classic bullion coin designs such as the Chinese panda, which are modified to fit the Golden Enigma concept.


Little Red Riding Hood 20 euro coin (Germany, 2016)

The “Rotkäppchen” 20 euro coin issued by Germany

Germany issued three Golden Enigma coins, each featuring a fairy tale from the Brothers Grimm:

  • In 2016, it was the Little Red Riding Hood 20 euro coin (see below)
  • In 2017, the Town Musicians of Bremen 20 euro coin
  • In 2018, the The Frog Prince 20 euro coin

The coin displayed here is inspired by Little Red Riding Hood (Rotkäppchen in German).



Rotkäppchen, 2016, Berlin, MS(65-70)

The obverse shows a delightful illustration of the tale with fine gilding. The reverse depicts the eagle of the FRG and the face value: 20 euros.

The theme and the beauty of the engraving also give this particularly attractive coin a fairy-tale aura of good taste.

The silver used is of a purity of 925 and only 5,000 copies were issued.

Additionally, one can see that Germany often uses the Brothers Grimm fairy tales as a theme for its coins – take for example this one here with Snow White.


2013, Hamburg, MS(63), Cupro-nickel

Traduction: Michael Wright





"Little Red Riding Hood: an entirely new edition with new pictures by an eminent artist", page 8, by Felix Summerly (1848)

Selection published on 26/02/2021