55 collectible items

Who’d have trunk it?

Whether ancient or modern, printed or engraved, African, Asian, or even British, the elephant is immensely popular with the creators of coins, tokens, and other banknotes.

A symbol of strength and power around the world, of wisdom, wealth, and longevity in the East, but also of intelligence and great memory in the West, it is displayed indifferently on the obverse and reverse sides, full-length or in close-up, realistic or stylized, from the front or in profile, walking or standing still, in all styles and from all periods, and always for our greatest pleasure.

Here are 55 collectible coins, medals, and banknotes representing elephants to collect today without delay.

Painting at the top: “African elephants” by Charles-Émile de Tournemine (before 1867) (Public domain)

Coin Togo

Elephant, Protection de la Vie Sauvage, 100 Francs CFA, 2011, Proof

Coin Somalia

Elephant, 100 Shillings, 2018, 1 Oz, MS(65-70), Silver

Coin Turkey

Lira, 2009, Eléphant, MS(63), Bi-Metallic, KM:1263

Coin Turkey

Lira, 2009, Eléphant, MS(63), Bi-Metallic, KM:1263

Coin Malawi

Florin, 1964, MS(64), Copper-Nickel-Zinc, KM:3

Coin Malawi

20 Tambala, 1996, MS(60-62), Nickel Clad Steel, KM:29

Coin Philip I

Antoninianus, 247-249, Rome, AU(55-58), Billon, RIC:58

Coin Malaysia

25 Sen, 2003, Royal Malaysian, MS(63), Brass, KM:78

Coin Eritrea

100 Cents, 1997, MS(60-62), Nickel Clad Steel, KM:48

Coin Swaziland

Queen Dzeliwe, 20 Cents, 1986, British Royal Mint, AU(55-58)

Selection published on 25/03/2022