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  • Coin, Netherlands, Wilhelmina I, 10 Cents, 1930, VF(30-35), Silver, KM:163
    All the categories
  • Coin, Tetricus I, Antoninianus, Trier or Cologne, VF(30-35), Billon
    Ancient coins
  • Coin, Netherlands, Wilhelmina I, 10 Cents, 1930, VF(30-35), Silver, KM:163
  • Banknote, Chile, 1/2 Escudo, Undated, KM:134Aa, UNC(65-70)
  • France, Medal, 250 ème Anniversaire de la Naissance de Watteau, Arts & Culture
    Medals & Tokens
  • France, Annonay, 50 Centimes, 1914, Chambre de Commerce, AU(55-58), Pirot:11-1
    Emergency Currency
  • Slovakia, Medal, 2 C, Essai Trial, 2003, Exonumia, MS(65-70), Copper
  • France, Monnaie de Paris, 10 Euro, Auguste Rodin, 2017, Paris, MS(64), Silver
    Monnaie de Paris
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